вторник, 5 мая 2009 г.

What is SageWorld ?

SageWorld is a mathematical space where everyone can create a mathematical object according to the nature of space that has its laws and its constants as in the real world.

The object you create can be manipulated in a general mathematical way using SAGE as the primary tool and the gateway.

As long as SAGE can compute your object according to a specific SageWorld you can do with it everything you like.

The interesting part begins when someone else enters your SageWorld and creates his object in that space. Now you have two options: whether you live and grow in the SageWorld peacefully or you start to find the way to constrain the growing and movement of the intruder's object. Here you've got to have a mathematical wisdom and skill to make it a real time scenario and action. Of course you can both build up a space and wait for another alien but that is up to sages to think of what to do.

That is just an idea that I'd like to implement in SAGE and I think the tools for that already exist.

Comments are welcome.

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